Company Introduction

Since founded in 1973, we, Daekwang Machinery
have grown up with the support from the valued customers

Company Overview

Company Overview

We want to be the partner you can always rely on.

Daekwang Machinery are the coating and extrusion system specialist. With our goal to achieve customer's satisfaction, we are committed to the develop of the plastic processing industry through constant technological innovation and continuously expanding into global markets.

Through the active marketing of various machines including plastic extruders, coating systems and laminators, with the first exportation to Pakistan in 1986, we have been exporting more than 200 machines to 25 countries including India, Thailand, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico and Germany. We continue to invest in R&D to become an industry leader.

Never contented with our technological status quo, Daekwang Machinery endeavor to keep improving the efficiency, reliability, marketability and operator convenience of to technologically optimize our machines.

We have been walking a single path in the belief that only better machines can ensure customer’s successful business.

The ultimate goal of our technological and managerial innovation is to impress the customers in the global market with the value of our products being recognized and to become the best partner for the customers through creating future values and providing best services by our expertise combined with advanced technology.