Products Introduction

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Flexible Packaging System

This system is to produce various types of multi-material packaging that have barrier properties for specific purposes using flexible substrates such as polymer films, papers, aluminum foils and non-woven. The process is to extrude the melted polymer into a film through the extruder and this film works as an adhesive and barrier with a blocking function in between various substrates. The multi-material packaging produced by this process is widely utilized for the packaging of foods, electric/electronic and household goods.

Auto T-die & Feedblock
Edge Trimming Device [Ring Knife]
Motorized Extruder Carriage
Moving System
Chill Roll & Silicon Coated Nip Roll

Paper Substrates Coating System

This system is to process extrusion-coating over 150sgm or higher heavy-weight paper substrate to provide it with gas-barrier or water-barrier properties. It is being used as an intermediate material for normal wrapping paper, instant food containers, and intermediary material for disposable paper cups.

Auto Splicing System
Pre-heating Roller
Co-Extrusion System
Roll Surface Rewinder

Woven Substrates Coating/Laminating System

This system is to coat the fabric substrate woven by water jet looms or circular looms with an extruded melt resin or to laminate it with other substrates providing it with a barrier (water-proof) property as well as mechanical strength. The intermediary material produced by through this process is used to manufacture camping tents, container bags, light shade and various water-resistant packaging.

Pre-heating Roller
Squeeze Roller for Moisture Removal
Inner Dechkle Bar of T-Die

Non-woven Substrates Coating/Laminating System

Non-woven is a fabric, instead of being woven nor knitted, made with entangled fine fibers and long fibers in random atypical array, which are bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. This system is to process extrusion-coating or laminate with other substrates over this non-woven fabric for the use to manufacture car floor mats, various indoor mats and other flooring materials.

Edge Trimming Device [Ring Knife]
Accumulating System
Material Feeding for Twin Screw Extruder

Introducing Coating & Laminating System

The process is to laminate different materials of various properties into a multi-material product.

For example, if you need a multi-material product that has a good barrier function as well as a high tensile strength, you can produce a material by laminating an aluminum foil of a superior barrier property along with a polymer film of a good tensile strength.
It may sound simple but it is rather a complicated process involving the multiple applications of various mechanical, chemical, electric,
electronic technologies.