Products Introduction

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Sheet Extrusion System

This system is to extrude the melted resin through T-dies and, while going through calendar rolls, it is cooled and processed simultaneously into sheet-forming in desired thickness. The system then feeds the sheet into heat-treatment/coating/laminating process required for the product and piles or winds the sheet in a suitable form to its thickness or usage.
Since the uniform thickness of the sheet is most important for the marketability of product, the system is designed with a melt pump and pressure control to ensure a consistent extrusion, a sturdy calendar roll gap controller and a precise line drive motor control as standard features. Daekwang Machinery are providing system solution based on the enough robustness and precision necessary fulfill all of these requirements.

Auto stacker
Calender roll with Taper block
Guillontine cutter

Tube Extrusion System

This system is to extrude the base material used in manufacturing the tube type containers protecting air-sensitive contents.
In order to produce a 5-layer tube of a superior air barrier function, the system constructs the 5-layer material through a circular-dies combining the resins homogenously melted by four separate extruders. This circular tube is then cooled and maintains its shape going through the sizing sleeve of which pressure can be adjusted.

Calibrating Sleeve
Plaretary Cutter

Monofilament Extrusion System

This system extrudes the resin through the multi-hole nozzle and the filament maintains its shape and gets formed going through the cooling water or air. Then the filament goes through the stretching process where it is stretched with being heated and it becomes thinner while its strength increases. The final process is to align and wind the stretched filament on the bobbin.

In order to produce a high-quality filament, it is necessary to keep a balance between various factors including the maintenance of a consistent extruding nozzle pressure, a uniform temperature distribution inside within the oven, a precise roll revolution speed control and others

Daekwang Machinery are equipped with a wide range of experiences and technologies from industrial applications to medical filaments.

Extruder and Quenching bath
Squeeze Roller for Moisture Removal
Inner Dechkle Bar of T-Die

Introducing Extrusion System

This system is designed to produce products from plastic materials through extrusion and forming. Extruders are melting plastic resins through the interaction between the screw and the cylinder, and the melted materials go through a crystallization (forming) process.

The plastic materials form into a solid shape through this process. If necessary, extra forming processes (heating/stretching/cooling/coating/lamination) can be added to complete the desired products or intermediate goods.